DEMO 2013

by Lone Wolf

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released March 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Lone Wolf Dresden, Germany

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go through the city
densely packed
no place to breath
no place to live
no time for no one
not even for yourself
how it feels like to live without a head

let's hold this moment as reminder of denial
yes, we had our chance - but no one tried it
it's self destruction, it's a fucked up world
we live for now and now we turn

now it's time to care
destroy these chains
the madness of society
drive me insane
nothing is left
to be said
to change this place
our cruel fate
Track Name: HOPE IS GONE
i remember these days
and all the good old times
you never fade away so I ask me why
i ask me WHY

yes, I have regrets, I wish I could tell you how I feel
this world is empty, no one tell me how to handle this
when I remember all the things you
showed me, it seems to be
more than a lesson so I believe in
something that makes me free

every time I met you there was a smile on your face
everyday we spent together, we tried
the best we could to live our lives
so I ask you - Where are you now?
Track Name: LONE WOLF

I see your face like a reflection of mine
you're still afraid waiting for any sign
a hopeless face no one holds your hand
look at the mirror it's your best friend

from independence day
it could be a lonely way
chains will resolve
stay like a lone wolf

a prepared heart won't hurt you so much
as an unsaved one by any punch
don't give a shit about society
accept yourself feel free

know yourself before you fall
nothing breaks you anymore
Track Name: TOGETHER
sometimes I think
I'm lost and alone
the emptiness
occupies my throne

in these moments you don't leave my side
you make me feel there's no reason to hide
I've realized what friends are to me
in darkest days they are all I see

we stick together
friendship will never end
this world collides
but we will take a stand
Track Name: COLD BLOOD
these shoes wear an empty body
my heart pumps only cold blood
when I remember there is the darkness
will I learn to forget

It sounds like farewell, means bye for now
I look forward, there is a light
walking the edge and don't know how
just trust the senses, without my guide

step by Step, will find myself
to be the one who owns this life
at the end maybe I'm fine
ready to start at the same old line

I don't believe in a happy end
I don't believe in wasted time
the passed moments were full of love
but our unity lost its shine